The major earthworks and build of a garden are just one aspect which has a distinct impact on how the garden will finish up. Just as important is the planting plan which will bring the garden to life.

Garden Planting Plan

There is more to this than often meets the eye and there is a great deal to be considered when creating a successful garden planting plan:

  • Where in the garden does the sun rise, set, and shine most
  • Are there any areas of the garden prone to gusts of wind
  • Where are the sheltered areas of the garden which may prolong frost
  • What are the types of soil throughout the garden
  • Selecting garden plants should consider coverage and colour for the different seasons
  • Is it an urban or coastal property
  • How will the proposed garden planting range in height
  • What is the growth rate of the proposed garden plants
  • How much maintenance will the proposed garden plants require
  • How will any built in garden features affect the above

The above is by no means a complete garden planting plan list but gives and idea of many of the areas to be considered.

This recent front and back garden planting project at a recently built house in Menston, Leeds, West Yorkshire was great fun to plan and complete.