Garden build / landscaping


The first stage involves marking out the design and ground excavations.  Existing trees and plants will be removed, pruned or salvaged to be used elsewhere in the new design.  Earlier on in the design process we’ll have identified, with you, any special plants from the old garden that you’re keen to keep.  At this stage we’ll also complete first fixings for irrigation systems and electrics.



Next the team will start working with the earth itself, creating levels and terraces, excavating and installing sub bases.  We’ll cultivate the soil, working in compost and soil improvers to bring it up to its full potential in any problem areas.


Hard Landscaping

With the ground prepared we can move on to the exciting stage of hard landscaping.  You will see the new design really taking shape with the architectural structure – areas of paving and decking and the construction of any garden buildings and pergolas.  We finalise irrigation systems and electrics at this point.


Soft Landscaping & Finishing

With the structure in place it is time to introduce the plants and install lawns.  This is when the garden really comes to life and any decorative finishing touches are added.  You’re welcome to join us during planting if you’d like to get involved in this special stage.


The garden is yours to enjoy!