Garden Features

Water Features

Water adds an enormous amount to a garden. It can be captured from natural rainfall to create an evolving bog garden, directed through the clean lines of a rill, cascaded over rocks in a naturally-inspired stream and pond or reflect the sky in a still, contemplative pool. Whatever your garden size or character we can incorporate a water element to suit it beautifully.


Garden Lighting

Whilst the English summer doesn’t always allow us to enjoy the outdoors every evening, with an integral lighting system the garden can be enjoyed from inside the home at all times of the day.  We’ll show you how lighting can be used to illuminate pathways, planting and garden areas. Modern solar lighting systems mean that stunning effects can be achieved without the costs associated with using mains power.


Dry-stone Walling

Dry stone walls are a beautiful and important feature of the Yorkshire landscape.  James is passionate about dry-stone walling and highly skilled at their construction.  These stunning walls, built from local, natural materials, can last for many generations and offer habitat to a wide variety of plants and animals. They work wonderfully in a number of different garden settings and can be used to create seating as well as boundaries.



Whether in recycled York stone or composite stone materials, we can help you to create terraces, patios and pathways to suit your home and your budget. Crisp modern lines or aged and rustic, the huge variety of stone available means we can get you exactly the look you’re after.



Hardwood decking is a sustainable, attractive and cost-effective choice for many gardens. Timber and stone can be combined to beautiful effect.



Our highly skilled construction team has a great deal of experience in creating beautiful driveways in a variety of materials to enhance the entrance to your home and garden.


Garden Sculpture

We can help you to source pieces of garden sculpture to work within your garden scheme.  If you have already have a treasured piece, we can create a focal point within the design that will show it to its very best advantage.  It’s about creating a garden that’s unique to you.