Garden planting


We’ll assess your garden’s light levels in terms aspect – whether it faces north, south, east or west.   This will determine the kind of planting that will do well in your garden.  As the sun moves through the sky different areas of your garden will receive varying amounts of sunlight. Just as the design of the hard landscaping should take advantage of this – where the sitting areas are for example, the planting plan also needs to be created with these light levels in mind.  We can work with the natural conditions of your garden to create beautiful areas of shade-loving plants, exuberantly colourful perennials, herbs and so on.



Whilst we always use soil improvers, we do try to work with the soil natural to your garden so that any new plants have the best chance of thriving.  Where the soil quality is particularly poor, we will bring in top soil to make sure all areas of your garden area available to grow the plants you love.



A common request in many gardens is for it to be ‘low maintenance’.  We appreciate people have busy lives and many are looking for a beautiful outdoor space that enhances their home without being a time-consuming burden.  We’re skilled at selecting those plants that provide structure, form and colour with little intervention and you can rest assured that we’ll create a planting plan that’s just right for you.


On-going care

The structure of many plants can provide interest during those bare winter months and at Kingdom Gardens we very much promote the plants’ natural lifecycle – allowing them to grow, bloom, die-back and regenerate as they would if left alone.  For plants that do best with a little more attention, we can provide you with a maintenance plan that identifies key plants in your scheme and how you can best look after them.  If you like, at key times of the year we can return to your garden with a small team to carry out any vital maintenance to the planting.