Garden Design

The consultation

This first meeting is where we can have a chat about your ideas, needs and budget.  We’ll walk around your garden to discuss its potential and any preferences you have, how you see yourselves using and enjoying the new garden.  It also gives us a chance to show off a little with our portfolio, which may act as a starting point for discussions about design ideas After our meeting we’ll write up these thoughts and ideas – ‘the brief’- and send it to you with a fixed-fee quotation and contract.


The survey

When you’re happy with the brief we’ll come back to your garden for a detailed survey.  This involves taking measurements and photographs and recording important information including views, soil type, micro-climate, drainage and aspect.  Aside from all the technical aspects this stage is key for us to really get a sense of place. We are passionate about creating gardens specific to their site, so spending some time in your garden is really important to us.  It’s after this visit that we really start to form ideas and a feeling of what the new garden might become.  This is what makes the design unique to you.


The sketch design

When we have some ideas to show you we’ll arrange another meeting and the really pleasurable bit begins! Together we can work through the design for your new garden, consider different solutions and make any adjustments that you’d like. We’ll show you draft plans drawn to scale, with perspective sketches to illustrate key views and any special areas within the design.  You’ll also be given an estimated cost for implementation.


The Masterplan

For our final design meeting we’ll prepare a detailed plan drawing of your preferred design from the sketch ideas.  This will be drawn to scale and show all the elements such as paths and patios, walls and fencing. It will also illustrate the extent and character of the planting.  Now that the design is agreed we can give you a detailed fixed quotation for building the design with all the elements broken down so it’s clear to understand what the various elements cost.  We’ll also give you a separate quotation for the planting scheme. Now you’ll have a really good idea of how beautiful your new garden will be, we’d love to fix a date to build it for you.